How To Use Your Virtual Address

When you Sign-Up, we provide you with virtual addresses in the United Kingdom, China, United States, and Europe to shop \"locally\" in these international settings and then, we forward your purchases to wherever you may call home, anywhere in the world. As new virtual addresses are added to the platform, you will be notified and have access to more virtual addresses around the world for you to shop anywhere, anytime.
Shop locally/offline anywhere across the United Kingdom, Europe, China and United States. When you are requested a local address to process any of your orders, even if you live thousands of miles away, use your local virtual address in that region to process your purchase. Upload your purchases online on your customer dashboard, to let us know that you have shipped packages to your virtual address.
When your package arrives at our local warehouse/your virtual address, we notify you via email to make an online payment for your shipment costs to deliver your package to your home or we deduct the total shipping costs from your pre-topped-up account. You always have online visibility of all your packages, tracking and costs directly on your customer dashboard, just sign-in for full access.
The Virtual Addresses team then ships your package to your doorstep, anywhere in the world you may call home. We provide full visibility along the way: Track your package directly online or from your customer Dashboard.

We often get asked,
�Dear YPS what really happens to my Kindle on the way here?� So that�s why we�ve put together this little Screenshot to help you better understand how we get your goods to you so quickly and affordably. And that�s always something good to know.